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Health Data & the Public

A cross-disciplinary research exploration with international researchers in infectious diseases, data analytics, and data visualization that began at Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany.


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Community Data Explorations 

A collaboration with community leaders, researchers, designers, and local artists on Vancouver Island exploring the intersection of data, art, and research in partnership with Creative Coast Arts + Culture Powerhouse

Vancouver Island, Canada


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Challenges and Opportunities in Data Visualization Education: A Call to Action 

I'm working internationally with 21 researchers and instructors from design, engineering, art, and computing sciences calling for a venue to share teaching and learning practices in information visualization. This collaboration led to a published full paper, and the creation of a workshop called EduVIS at the IEEE VIS Conference.

Tree Lined Path

Re-Contextualizing Built Environments: Critical & Inclusive HCI Approaches for Cultural Heritage 

Interact Conference

York, U.K.

I was part of organizing a workshop to identify approaches that support critical discourse and increase inclusiveness in computer mediated interactions between people and cultural heritage.


Case Study on Organizational Responsiveness During COVID-19  

Royal Roads University

Victoria, Canada

We explored people's experiences and perceptions of organizational responsiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Slow Data in Healthcare with Data Physicalization 

Data as a Material for Design: Alternative Narratives, Divergent Pathways, and Future Directions


ACM CHI Conference 2023,

Hamburg, Germany 

A multidisciplinary collaboration exploring how can we slow down people's interactions with data in healthcare settings and use physical materials to represent these data? 


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Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics

Saarland, Germany

Incredible experience collaborating with 25 international researchers in data visualization and HCI at Germany's research centre for computer science and informatics at a week-long research seminar.

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The Old Schoolhouse Community Arts Centre

Qualicum Beach, Canada


In collaboration with the TOSH community arts centre on Vancouver Island and the visitors, we were able to physicalize questions and open data from Statistics Canada about trust in COVID-19 information built by people in the community.

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The Roux Institute Northeastern University

Maine & Boston, U.S.

Data visualization is a cross-disciplinary practice. I was part of a 2-day research workshop on cross-disciplinary perspectives and approaches in data visualization. 


Visualizing COVID-19 Data at the Onset of the Pandemic 

Centre for Health Informatics


Calgary, Canada


I was part of a team of designers, health researchers, and computer scientists at the Centre for Health Informatics. We visualized emergent COVID-19 data for public health authorities and researchers. The visualizations were critical to decision-making about public health interventions at the time. COVID-19 Data Tracker

Design details & collaborators here



Experiential Learning in Higher Education The College of Discovery, Creativity, and Innovation (2017-2019)

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning


Calgary, Canada


I worked with an incredible team of researchers and organizers in experiential learning theory and practice. We organized community-oriented discussions, community- of-practice groups for instructors, and partnered with community leaders.


Inquiry-Based Learning

Undergraduate Pedagogy (2018)

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Calgary, Canada

I was part of collaborative research about undergraduate students' experiences in a student-led inquiry based course. This was a one-of-a-kind multi-disciplinary course where students had to address a global challenge through collaborative design.

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Estimating the Dollar Value of Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: A Scoping Study

of Cost-Benefit Estimation of Big Data in Healthcare (2019)

Centre for Health Informatics &

World Health Organization (WHO)

Calgary, Canada


I was invited by to be part of a team working on transitioning Canada's disease classification system from ICD-9 to ICD-11. I gathered and analyzed data and develop a cost-benefit model for Canada's transition to ICD-11with the guidance of Dr. Mingshan Lu.

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Speakeasy: Community-Building Event Series to Address Global Challenges (2018)

Speakeasy: Community Conversations

Calgary, Canada


One of the co-creators and co-organizers of campus and community events that explored topics such as "Difficult Conversations to Address Global Challenges," "Intersection of Indigenous Knowledge and Creative Practice," "How Big Ideas become a reality," and "How Experiences of Failure can Foster Creativity and Innovation."

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