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Data visualization is a way of connecting people and data to see possibilities

I am a researcher and consultant in community and user experiences (UX) with data visualization

lead research studies

facilitate workshops with groups of people

analyze data systems

present complex information

design curated data visualizations with people  

listen, question, learn, share, teach 

sketch, model, and construct

evaluate programs

My academic and professional experiences include nursing, public health, health economics, experiential learning in post-secondary, community engagement, and the energy sector. From engaging local community data experiences to corporate big data transitions, I tailor data visualization approaches to diverse contexts with different communities.   

Talks & Events

October 13 - 14, 2024, Florida, USA

Co-Organizer: "VISions of the Future." IEEE VIS Conference: Visualization & Visual Analytics Workshop 2024 

VISions of the Future Workshop We invite you to join our workshop to explore sustainability across disciplinary multivocal perspectives to explore ecological sustainability and data practices within visualization and physicalization.

February 25 - March 1, 2024, Wadern, Germany

Seminar "Reflections on Pandemic Visualizations" Schloss Dagstuhl, the Leibniz Center for Informatics

Reflections on Pandemic Visualizations I spent a week with researchers and physicians reflecting about what we learned making and sharing COVID -19 data visualizations with governments and the public. It was exciting to discuss this topic with many international perspectives and I look forward to our collaborations.

November 27, 2023, London, U.K.

Guest Speaker: "Community – Data Interaction." The giCentre. City University of London

November 22-24, 2023, Edinburgh, U.K.

Information+ Conference: Interdisciplinary Practices in Information Design & Visualization

Information+ Conference I am looking forward to presenting our work on using data visualization as a method for public engagment and connecting with our European colleagues in person.

November 20, 2023, Copenhagen, Denmark

Guest presenter: "Community – Data Interaction." The Human Data Interaction Lab. IT University of Copenhagen

October 22-27, 2023, Melbourne, Australia


IEEE VIS Conference: Visualization & Visual Analytics

I will co-present our invited paper at the VIS conference. I am excited to be part of the discussions about cross-disciplinary collaboration and celebrating disciplinary diversity in data visualization practice and research. 

August 28, 2023, York, U.K.
Interact Conference

I will co-host a workshop called Re-Contextualizing Built Environments: Critical & Inclusive HCI Approaches for Cultural Heritage at the Interact Conference (U.K.)

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